2020 Cohort

2020 Cohort

2020 Cohort

Honors Learning Outcomes
Honors Program Portfolio Requirement
Academic Rigor
Honors Program Core Values
Cohort 2020 Admission Criteria
Eligibility Criteria for Honors Scholarship
Plan of Study Requirements
Course Sequencing
Honors Program Designated Course Rationale
Honors Program Events Attendance
Dr. Michael Hackman UCCS Honors Scholars
Retention and Scholarship, leaving the UCCS Honors Program
Good Standing Requirement in the Honors Program
Honors Program Graduation Requirement and Designations

Honors Program Curriculum Faculty Members and Administrative Staff

Any UCCS Faculty can serve as Honors Program portfolio mentor or a reader, including the Honors Program curriculum faculty. Honors Program will have broader UCCS faculty input, and is working towards adding additional faculty mentors to the above list in coming years.

Transfer students must complete a plan of study which is consistent with the above plan of study and will register for GPS 3010 in their first semester at UCCS. A transfer student must submit their Honors Program Portfolio and finish all requirements of the honors program if planning on graduating that year.

The UCCS Honors Program Policy 03-10-2017

Up to five students, who did not qualify for an Honors Program scholarship based on standard criteria in place, incoming or transfer students, may be admitted into the Honors Program in Fall of each year. The deadline to apply will be April 15th every year. The Honors Program will need their GPA, and a statement as to why the student wants to be part of the Honors Program without the scholarship. Based on the recommendation of the Honors Program Admissions Committee, which will be binding, the Honors Program will inform these students by July 1st of the final decision.

Please review the criteria for your Cohort year at https://honors.uccs.edu/ and hover on cohorts. If you qualify, then contact Associate Director/Director, Honors Program for further instructions to submit the paperwork for consideration by April 15th for the Fall semester.

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